Wine rack made from stainless steel

METALSISTEM is glad to present the latest item available within the SUPERINOX range: "pro-BACCO", the evolution of the previously introduced "vedoBACCO" wine rack.

The new item has an overall storage capacity of exceeding 100 bottles and is achieved by simply stacking up add-on-units on top of the starter unit. The overall result is a very special wine rack featuring a unique and elegant design which is pleasing to the eye and can easily fit into varying environments. Similarly as for the previously presented "vedo-BACCO" model, the top layer of "pro-BACCO" can be inclinated, thus providing utmost visibility of the bottles in showcase.

Two different models of "pro-BACCO" are available for supply: one entirely made from stainless steel, the other one with a stainless steel frame and wooden insert bars.

"Pro Bacco" setting
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