Miniload Reference Installation achieved with METALSISTEM's UNIRACK series

METALSISTEM is pleased to share photos of a recent reference installation achieved with the METALSISTEM's UNIRACK series.

Designed for the storage of 9000 boxes on 27 loading levels in height, with an overall storage capacity of exceeding 1.770.000 kg of goods, the total length of this MINILOAD installation is 50 metres featuring an overall height of 11 metres, designed for the storage of spare parts of an urban rail transport network.

The loading of the goods is made by two stacker cranes, within fully automated loading procedures. As announced earlier, METALSISTEM has developed new frame bracing items allowing to fully exploit the features and performance of the UNIRACK upright section. Consequently, the range of UNIRACK applications comprises now highly cost effective MINILOAD applications that distinguish themselves by a remarkable speed of assembly, solid load bearing capacities and an optimized utilisation of available space thanks to the narrow upright section.

The load bearing profiles are located onto the teeth of the UNIRACK upright section through a fully adjustable and boltless connection, thus allowing for a quick and easy assembly as well as for utmost load bearing features thanks to their geometric design and specific stiffening ribs.

The overall stability and connection of the installation in its length direction is given by fully modular and adjustable standard components.

Our worldwide trade partners are welcome to contact METALSISTEM's Technical Department to obtain quotations for MINILOAD installations.

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